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The Final Straw

Are you in a relationship that is testing your patience every moment? Do you feel like you have reached the final straw of your relationship and cannot bear with it anymore? Well, you might be wondering what might be the signs that will prompt you to understand that you have reached the final straw of your relationship. They are as follows:

1. If you find your partner speaking about you in a negative manner to his or her ex, it is really unfortunate. If you find text messages or overhear conversations when he or speaking badly about you, it is really alarming. After all, we look for partners who will support and appreciate us, not speak badly about us behind our back!


2. One of the biggest last straw moments in a relationship happens when you catch your partner cheating. Infidelity should never be accepted and lived with. As I have worked as a female girlfriend for last 13 years, when I was working in the north east I was caught red handed with someones husband, not a pretty experience.

3. If you find your partner’s family members intervening a lot into your relationship of late, it is time for you to walk out of the relationship. Imagine, if this is the scenario when you are in a relationship, what will happen when you get married to your partner? So, do not compromise with this.

4. If you are in a relationship, when you are constantly being forced into marriage, it is not going in a right direction. Your partner should be understanding and give you enough space to sort out your priorities in life.

5. Lying is a vice which has broken many a relationship. Break up with your partner if he or she is lying to you even for the simplest of matters. A relationship should be transparent and your partner should be comfortable to talk to you about anything, look for some massage from a professional if you feel you can not deal with your partner.


Folks, if you are experiencing these signs, it is high time that you have reached the final straw of relationship!

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